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What’s in my fridge!

Just for fun! It’s actually surprisingly easy to eat for £10 a week. All this food is just for me! If you’re on a tight budget I highly recommend Aldi and using http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/ to find the best deals on the ‘Big Four’! I only go shopping once a week :)

Things I got today:

Everything in my fridge: (not sure why it’s rotated!)


Today from fruit and veg shop = £4.20: 6 clementines, Aubergine, Butternut squash, mushrooms and parsnip

Today from tesco = £7.70: Mackerel £2.31, Kippers 82p, Buttons 22p, Beef mince £1.35, Grapes + Strawberries two for £3

A total of £11.90 for this week woop :) - Not bad considering I really fancied some nice fruit and  fish. Plus I only spent £6 last week so didn’t bother photo/updating + it equals out :D

Other items left in the fridge from previous week (all Aldi): Milk 79p, Courgettes (there were 4) 79p, celery 39p, leeks (there were 6!) 89p, soft cheese 59p. baking potatoes (were 4 now 3 left) 39p, strawberry wholegrain yogurt 89p, frozen fruit £1.49

Food still going strong from two weeks ago! cabbage 45p , salad potatoes - still at least 500g left were 89p and the oats of course 75p

Awesome :D

What do you buy/eat?

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